Hello and welcome to Carter’s Country. Over the years I have travelled all around the United Kingdom and have been privileged to visit a number of places, as well as meeting a whole range of people who shared all sorts of stories with me.

You will find this site holds memories of my travels as well as those little quirky stories other places overlook. Suggestions, questions and observations are most welcome so do feel free to dip the comments sections you find or use the contact form to get in touch.

History & Heritage

Killhope Wheel in Winter 2010

Killhope – Lead Mining in Weardale

High up in Weardale, County Durham you will find Killhope Lead Mining Museum. The Durham Mining Museum website tells us ...
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Police Bridewell sign

What’s a Bridewell?

I remember being in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the late 1980s when there was a local football derby match on ...
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Hand and Knife Silhouette

The Gateshead Ripper?

Most people will have heard of "Jack the Ripper", the person responsible for the gruesome murders in Whitechapel, London, during ...
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Auckland Castle from The Tribune at Kynren

Kynren 2017 – One show you don’t want to miss

Kynren 2017 60s Trailer from Eleven Arches on Vimeo. Yesterday, I went to see a performance of a show that ...
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Bus and Tram in the town at Beamish Museum

Beamish Museum – The jewel in County Durham’s cultural crown

The town in Beamish Museum sees a lot of traffic of buses and trams every single day. I took this ...
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Boats North of Craignure on Isle of Mull

Photographs from the Western Islands and Highlands

Some photographs I took on a trip to the Highlands and West Islands of Scotland. It's a beautiful, wild rugged ...
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Welcome To County Durham

Welcome to County Durham

I compiled some photographs I took around County Durham into a short video. It's just over a minute and a ...
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St Johns Church Kirk Merrington

1683 – Murders at the Brass Farm

28th January 1683, Mr John Brass and his wife Margaret left their home to visit a neighbour for the evening ...
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Steam Train at full speed

The mysterious death of Florence Nightingale Shore

The death of Florence Nightingale Shore could have been straight from the pages of an Agatha Christie mystery. Yet, nearly ...
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Tritor at The Trades Club

Tritor at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

It is hard to pigeonhole this band into a particular genre of music. Asking Andy, one of the members of ...
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Personal Interests

Aliens in a car - well, sort of

UK UFOs – Why divide and conquer is working

There are many people across the globe who are fascinated by unexplained aerial phenomena, or as I would refer to ...
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Woodlands and open space

A walk in the woods

I live nearby a young woodland that was planted around five years ago. In human terms, it would be a ...
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Journal Books and Pen

Journal – The old school method

I have not been too active here of late. For some reason, the inspiration just has not hit to put ...
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Gear in a Craftsman Workshop

Environment – Why gearing up may not be the right way

I have just finished watching a video on YouTube where someone in a woodland environment, describing themselves as a 'prepper' ...
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