Time to tell you a little bit about me. Oh, and welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Me in Pisa,Italy. About 1980.

Me in Pisa,Italy. About 1980.

About The Old Days

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by two things; local/social history and the unexplained. At school, our teachers were always so sure about what happened in history, yet I always thought “we only get told the history of the rich, famous or victorious in battle”. They left me with more questions than answers.

Whilst real history, the history of my ancestors and the places I lived remained unexplained, so did many scientific things. Quarks, quasars, what lay beyond the stars and what exactly was anti-matter? Did dilithium crystals that powered the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek really exist? If so, why couldn’t they be used in cars?

I would often end up in a daze, unaware of things around me while trying to work something out.

I suppose the investigation, analysis and testing of hypotheses gave me a real buzz and to a certain extent, it still does.

For me, one of life’s big mysterious remains in the sky, unidentified flying objects.

I think 95% of UFO reports can be explained away with perfectly rational thinking, such as experimental military aircraft being tested. The military aircraft industry runs to trillions of dollars in the USA alone. It is the elusive remaining 5% that remains really grabs my attention. As does cryptozoology.

Across the globe there are reports of large, hairy, bipedal animals sightings with some described as up to ten feet tall. What are? How have they remained so elusive? Nearer home here in the UK we have reports of invasive species of large cats. Were they released by unlicenced owners when the law changed in 1976? Could breeding pairs still exist in our woodlands and forests?

So many questions yet man’s time on earth is so short.

These Days

These days I spend much of my time writing, reading and when the money permits, spending as much time as I can outdoors amongst nature. Low tech living is an interest, as is learning and practicing bushcraft skills. I am interested in history and particularly local history.

I would love to live off-grid in a cabin in the woods, though I have not yet worked out how to maintain a connection to the internet.

I do not have a TV which seems to surprise a lot of people. It is amazing how much time getting rid of that box in the corner of the room freed up. The downside of that is my book collection is a lot larger than I would like, but sometimes eBooks are not the same, so you just have to get a physical book.