Back in the heady days of 2008, we were all podcasting away. You literally could not move online for podcasts and artists were willing to let you promote their music without getting stung for massive licencing fees.

Large wood Anchor on the quayside at Whitby

Anchor at Whitby

I spotted a gap in the market, a UK based Country Music podcast and so Carter’s Country was born.

However, the internet can be a fickle market and listeners dropped away and so podfade set in.

In 2010, I started to do a lot of travelling around the region where I lived. I would end up in all sorts of different places that I thought (a) other people would also find interesting and (b) could do with the support of more people finding them. So the site was repurposed into a regional travel (with very loose geographic limits) blog.

Many of the places were historic and heritage tourism became my primary interest.

Sanctuary Knocker on North door of Durham Cathedral

Sanctuary Knocker

My job changed and with it so did my interests outside of work. I put the heritage tourism to one side and let go of the hosting package. I was not ready to decommission completely but wanted to take a break to do other things. Those things are now done. I am rebuilding the site. The historical places still exist and most of them now have even more of a story to tell.

So it is time to refresh and relaunch.

Thanks for visiting.