Personal Interests

Aliens in a car - well, sort of

UK UFOs – Why divide and conquer is working

There are many people across the globe who are fascinated by unexplained aerial phenomena, or as I would refer to ...
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Woodlands and open space

A walk in the woods

I live nearby a young woodland that was planted around five years ago. In human terms, it would be a ...
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Journal Books and Pen

Journal – The old school method

I have not been too active here of late. For some reason, the inspiration just has not hit to put ...
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Gear in a Craftsman Workshop

Environment – Why gearing up may not be the right way

I have just finished watching a video on YouTube where someone in a woodland environment, describing themselves as a 'prepper' ...
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Jas Towsend and Son - Baking No-knead bread

Bread – I always struggle baking that

I always struggling baking bread and because of that, I do not tend to try it too often. However, thanks ...
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Remote Cabin

Content – the forgotten part of websites

Text, pictures, sound and video. It is all content on a website. Yet with the advent of content management systems ...
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List on a notepad

Book ideas are coming thick and fast

Over the last few months, I have been collecting ideas for a new book. However, when I came back to the ...
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Journal Books and Pen

I haven’t written for so long

At one time in my life, you couldn't have stopped me writing. I was forever scribbling in my notebook and ...
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Cooking on an open fire

Great food on an open fire

Cooking on an open fire can be a bit of a dark art. The video below is from the Wilderness ...
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An 1856 Pocket Watch

Time during a power outage

If the mains electricity supply fails, how long will your batteries last to keep your life functioning? My laptop would ...
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