When does conspiracy theory become conspiracy fact?

Oh that’s a conspiracy theory!

You’re a conspiracy nutter!

If you start to question what the media puts out, it won’t be long before you hear one of the phrases above. Or your opponent in the discussion will portray you like Mel Gibson’s character in the film Conspiracy Theory seeing bogeymen at every turn.

Yet, if you avoid all the emotional responses that people throw at you and stick to rational logic and analysis, your viewpoint can often drift outside of what is referred to as mainstream.

Take UFOs for example. For the most part, I think they are experimental military aircraft being tested by the manufacturers. These manufacturers would want to maintain competitive advantage, so hiding behind a cloak of a UFO sighting suits them. They also get to describe people who report UFOs in disparaging terms as well. However, I do believe there is a small percentage of the sightings that cannot be explained by experimental aircraft and that is when things start to get interesting.

Try asking the Ministry of Defence about UFOs and chances they will slip a little phrase akin to “of no defence significance” into their response which will tell you nothing.

Much was made in the mainstream media of the MODs papers being moved to the National Archives, however little was mentioned about the amount of redactions each of the documents faced. I suppose journalists don’t see a story in rectangular blocks of black ink.

Like other people, there have been times when I have had questions, often about much less ‘out there’ subjects than UFOs and I have been given the runaround to actually get some full answers.

So my message would be, never be put off. Don’t allow yourself to stonewalled and prevented from having your questions answered in full. Don’t give into the name calling or labelling.

You never know when what they will call a conspiracy theory may just may, actually be fact. If your instincts say keep digging, make sure your spade is in good order.

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